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Belli The Farmer is deeply connected to nature and purity is passed on through the generations. Enriching consumer’s life By enabling Indian farmers.

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The taste we couldn't match with any of the Black Pepper powder we get here in Boston. Hope we would be able to get more next time we visit India.

Ritesh Prabhu
Software Professional Boston (USA)

Congratulations “Omedetou gozaimasu “ Ramya san & Team for building a beautiful BelliTheFarmer brand, filled with values and prepared to serve the needs of a globally ever hungry Consumers, Great to offer products that can truly touch & activate human senses. Good luck and Greetings from Ibaraki, Japan :)"

Mr. & Mrs. Uetake

Each product has its freshness and stands 100% above what we get in the retail market. Products are really good, and the prices are very competitive...much lesser to the market price. Each product has its freshness and stands 100% above what we get in the retail market...I would love to use them going forward. I wish good luck to you and your team involved in this and congratulate you for the awesome work.

Mr. Ravi Kumar
Sr. Project Manager - Finance (IBM India Pvt Ltd)

The green pods are packed with so much flavor and the black peppercorns are so potent

Naina Ramachandra
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The black pepper was so fresh & the cardamom tastes so good. Have opened the cinnamon too. We use powdered cinnamon on desserts, so yummy. The aroma!

Sharmila Divatia
MD Vardaan4U

I was so thrilled to know that the cute little packages I received of Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cinnamon, were straight from the farm! The Black pepper in the pepper grinder sounds and tastes fabulous,with that lovely sharp bite. The Cardamom is so fresh and fragrant, its my go to chewing gum! From Biryani to Stewed Apples the Cinnamon has been a hit! It feels so good to know that my spices came straight from a farm in Coorg.

Jasmin Om Brar
Owner, Ikka Amodinni

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