Your New Age Agrarians!

The importance of a farmer and happy consumers is the Mission of Belli The Farmer.

Belli The Farmer started with the goal of showing the importance of a farmer. And also serving customers farm fresh spices.

We are a young emerging farm fresh spices brand devoted to helping farmers across India.

We are a young brand looking to grow from the ground upward. We desire to become a mainstay in the industry and change how people view farmers and their role in farming.

Our team believes that farmers are not only an essential part of the supply chain. But also are one of the most important members of society!

The next time you need fresh spices, take a moment to think about where they come from and the process. And see if there’s a farmer who would like your support!

Please consider supporting us in our mission to help farmers across India!

Love and Care At Every Level.

Our Farms

Fertile soil, Rainforest & Sunkissed plantation.

Our Package

Food-grade pouches retain the freshness of the products intact. Reuse & Recyclable.

Our Processing and Packing unit

We are agrarians, hailing from the indigenous farming tribes. ‘Belli’ is a deep-rooted, short & sweet unisex name in the villages of Kodagu.

Belli’s worship nature & live amidst biodiversity. Purity is passed on from generation to generation.

We are a budding brigade of progressive farmers, with the purpose to bring back pride & happiness every day, and to increase revenue generation to the farming community by utilizing their potential in the post-harvest value chain.

We celebrate farming, add a lot of fun, smiles & recognition into our farming life & share the happiness into our consumers’ lives!

Our ancestors have been growing spices, coffee and native crops for the world, & now, we are getting closer to the world.

We continue to grow plus add 50% more work till it is packed, operating the entire cycle of Farm to Pack from one region – Kodagu!

We have greatly reduced the travel of our fresh produces – from the place of its origin, until it is packed, thereby preserving their freshness & authenticity. This adds healthfulness to our consumers’ life.

Our Farm to Pack concept also reduces our carbon footprint, about which we deeply care about. Protecting the environment is the key to everyone’s survival.


We are a thoughtful & committed team with a futuristic vision.
We are 3 agrarians, from one of the least populated tribes in the world. Our skills in agriculture are passed on to us from our ancestors. We have absorbed new techniques that help us bring Farm to Pack products to you, improving lives at every stage.


We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

‘Going back to my roots was the conscious change I made..’

Ramya holds a PGDB (HR) and Management Program in Entrepreneurship from IIM-B.


“I have witnessed deficiencies in the rural agricultural sector and the challenges faced by the growers to find the right souls for their quality produce.”

Somanna holds a PhD in Management from Anna University, Chennai.


“Humanity and value-based systems are the core of a joyful lifestyle. Projects that concern Mother Earth excite me.”

Manoj is specialized in Marine Engineering from South Tyneside College of Engineering and Nautical Studies in England, United Kingdom.


To bring back pride in the lives of our farmers with sustainable practices, and thus serving our customers healthy & authentic produce/products.


The Importance Of A Farmer And Happy Consumers. Happy farmers and happy consumers.


To be the silver lining in the lives of the farmers thereby in the lives of the valued customers!

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