Filter Coffee Powder without Chicory


  • Ingredients Filter Coffee
  • This is a Vegetarian Product.
  • 100% Pure & Certified
  • Export Quality Material
  • Package: Freshness Preserved
  • No Artificial Colours & Preservatives


Filter coffee is one of the most common things you can find, especially in an Indian kitchen. Its strong flavor and aroma are exactly why some of us cannot seem to stop loving our cup of filter coffee.

Why choose our filter coffee?

Your coffee bean is a pampered being! When you drink a cup of Coorg Coffee, you are tasting flavors infused over the centuries by the lush biomass of Coorg soil. Our coffee is shade-grown and only the beans of the highest quality are selected to ensure the best taste.

Also, we bring your filter coffee directly from our farms to your table to preserve the immaculate nature of our beans to ensure that nothing gets between the finesse of our coffee beans.

The goodness of filter coffee

One of the reasons why we love our filter coffee because of its ability to wake us up and use our brain cells for the right things. However, there’s more to your cup of filter coffee that’ll make you love it more. Here are some benefits you can unlock with filter coffee.

  • Filtered coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It also helps lower the risk of dying from stroke
  • It is a great source of antioxidants
  • It helps improve liver health
  • It may also benefit people suffering from type 2 diabetes

Additional information

South Indian Filter coffee - Without Chicory Pack Weight

250 Gms

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